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Resting along the soft, golden sand at Nang Thong Beach,
embraced by lush green hills,
The Sands is a true tropical paradise. Located in Khao Lak,
approximately 60 minutes from Phuket International Airport.

Highlight : Set in the most privileged beachfront location in Khao Lak,
yet only steps away from this charming small village's
shopping and eating epicenter.


The Sands commands nearly 200 meters of prime seafront space at Khao Lak’s boundless, profoundly peaceful 1.5 km Nang Thong Beach which features: finely soft sands, a shining blue sea and the most pristine natural atmosphere uncluttered with sunbeds or beach umbrellas.

Black Sand at Nang Thong Beach

Nang Thong Beach in Takuapa shares a captivating story
from its tin mining era during the Rattanakosin period.

The black sand gracing Nang Thong Beach is not a result of pollutants
but a natural occurrence,a remnant of the city's mining past. This ebony-hued sand,
comprised of fine tin particles, emerges during high tide, creating a mesmerizing contrast.

Explore this hidden gem, easily marked by the Khao Lak Lighthouse
along the shore of Nang Thong Beach,where the echoes of the mining era
and the beauty of black sand converge in an exclusive spectacle.