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A Quick Guide to The Perfect Romantic Beach Date in Khao Lak

Having regular date nights is important to any relationship, especially since it keeps the spark alive. Romantic getaways even more so, since they only happen every once in a while. Planning it takes work, however, especially if you’re long due for alone time with your loved one. They’re priceless moments that deserve all the attention and detail, so why not opt for a beach date? Experiencing the glistening water blue and lulling sound of the waves is enough to paint a picture-perfect getaway.

If you wish to surprise your partner with a romantic escapade at the beach, here is a simple guide for you:

1 - Choose a beach

You can decide on somewhere close by or far from home but opt for the most private option. Public beaches may be brimming with nightlife, and that won’t be suitable for what you have in mind. Remember that you’re out for some quality time with your loved ones, so avoid anywhere with huge waves or a ton of action. With that said, a luxury beach resort may be the best choice!

2 - Pack the essentials

Getting ready for a day at the beach is not quick. You’ll need a lot of things to make sure that you both stay comfortable and safe out in the sun and water all day. Follow the checklist below to make sure you have everything in order:

● Sunscreen: Protecting your skin is vital! You wouldn’t want red, itchy, and painful skin to ruin your little vacation, right?
● Sunglasses and hats: Packing some extra sun protection is better than none at all!
● A large towel: Sand gets everywhere. It can also cause skin irritation, so protect yourself and your loved one further by bringing a large towel to sit on.
● A functioning radio: It helps creates the right atmosphere. Watch the sunset with slow, romantic tunes playing in the background.
● A thermos: This is optional, especially if you’re staying at a beach resort. Bring one if you wish to have easy access to your warm drink of choice!
● Warm blankets: Stargazing can be a fun activity, but it will be chilly!
● Slippers: This is optional once more, but you can bring pairs just in case! ● Water: The heat of the sun can get too much, so bring as much water as you possibly can!

3 - Don’t forget to take pictures!

The digital age is inescapable and you will want to document your special moments. Your loved one will want to have tangible memories of days spent with you, so don’t forget to take photos, especially candid moments.

4 - But remember to be in the moment

The beach is the perfect place for lovers—there’s just something about the saltwater and gorgeous water views that makes the place romantic, so shift all your attention to your loved one and share the experience. Take walks along the shore hand in hand, fly a kite, and build a sandcastle. Skip some rocks, collect some seashell—whatever activity it may be, choose to be present. Unless you’re taking photographs, leave your phone on silent.


Everyone deserves to relax every once in a while, especially since you’re busy working on and handling life. Spending time with your loved one is essential to keeping the relationship alive, and a carefully planned romantic beach getaway will have you feeling like you’re falling in love once more! If you are looking for a beachside resort to supplement your beach trip to Khao Lak, consider staying at The Sands Khao Lak!