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4 Activities for Your Khao Lak Scooter Trip

While many people opt for pre-planned trips and tours at the places they are vacationing to, you might not be the type of person to conform to a schedule and the like. You might just be thinking of going in there blindly and do whatever it is you find. While the sense of the unknown can be quite exciting, it still helps to know exactly what is available there to avoid wasting time idling around in your room, Googling about what to do. So, planning to go to Khao Lak? Why not take your adventure using a scooter? Not only can you get around the place quite quickly, but because you have your vehicle, you are your boss. With that, here is what you can include on your scooter trip itinerary.

1. Prepare for a rafting adventure

Think you are going to be strapped with a life vest and placed inside a rubber tub going down some white water? While that is exciting, we are talking about something a little more peaceful. If sitting on a bamboo raft while traversing the calm rivers surrounded by nature sounds like something you would love to do, you are in luck. There is a bamboo rafting group in Khao Lak that will offer you just that. While you will still have to pay to take part in the rafting, it certainly is worth it. Taking about an hour tops, you will ride on a bamboo raft through a vibrant tropical forest, spotting exotic animals and birds along the way.

2. Treat yourself to a waterfall

If you find Thailand's weather to be a little too hot and want to cool off, consider heading to a waterfall. We highly recommend visiting Ton Chong Fa waterfall, as it is one of the biggest attractions the place has to offer. To get here, you will need to reach Lam Ru national park. Note that there is a hike to be taken to reach the place and that there is an entrance fee. However, the waterfall is hugely worth it, as the waters are not only super refreshing, but the nature surrounding the area is just stunning.

3. Visit the sea turtles

If you are an animal lover, particularly a turtle lover, Khao Lak has a sea turtle conservation center that you can visit. With tons of baby turtles to be found, you will spend a lot of time looking at them swimming around and even getting to touch them! To get here, you will need to visit the Royal Thai Navy Base. While that might sound a little daunting, the uniformed people at the gates will be more than happy to direct you to the place. Just note that there is a small fee to be paid but, once again, it is well worth the money, especially if meeting turtles have been a life-long dream!

4. Sit back and relax at the beach

If there is one thing you will want to do here, that is to relax at the beach, and with a few beaches around, you have plenty to pick from. Of course, the one you would want to go to will depend on you entirely. To get there, it is even simpler! Simply do quick research as to where you want to go and grab directions using your phone. However, if you are already at a beach resort, then this activity is right out your doorstep! Plus, with the comforts of your resort right by you, there's little reason to go anywhere else.


What we have shared with you is just a little pinch of what Khao Lak has in store from you. From the mesmerizing beaches to the exciting waterfalls, to the rush of night markets and more, Khao Lak is filled with all sorts of opportunities and activities that will make your vacation here one that is genuinely unforgettable. The Sands Khao Lak is a beachfront resort filled with all sorts of amenities to help you feel right at home at paradise. Book at our place today to start your dream vacation.