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Experiencing Khao Lak The Bang Niang Night Market

Khao Lak is a wonderful series of villages surrounded by Thailand’s more mountainous regions. Home to a peace-loving people, the heart-warming culture and beautiful sights have made it a prime front for tourism in recent years. The entire district holds a variety of attractions that cater to any type of tourist—be it the beach-lover, the foodie, the naturist, or the photographer—almost anything can be found and done in Khao Lak. Experiencing the culture is the key to enjoy this area in Thailand, which is why venturing into their night markets can provide valuable insight as to who these people really are.

The Bang Niang Night Market

One of the most popular night markets within the area is the Bang Niang Night market. Situated in Bang Niang, it’s entrance can be clearly seen when passing through Phet Kasem Road, and can be accessed by almost any local transport service. Lauded as one of the oldest and largest tourist night markets, it holds numerous gems that an avid traveler must experience on their first visit. To fully experience the bustle of activity, arriving at an appropriate time and day is the best choice. While a majority of the action occurs in the evening, it’s also perfect for afternoon lounging to relax through the day. Travelers who wander here should go through some of the more popular attractions of Bang Niang.

The Streetfood Stalls

There’s nothing quite like experiencing a culture through its food. As a market, there is inevitably a lot of fresh goods for sale—all available for the avid cook who wishes to partake in cooking Thai cuisine. For the more on-the-prowl adventurer, however, there are numerous stalls that offer seafood, either smoked, grilled, or salted—all ready for instant consumption. More common street food such as chicken or local seafood is commonly available, as well as more local easy-eats such as spring rolls, stir fry, and noodles. For the more radical adventurers, the commodity to try here is insects. Fried insects might be a disgusting thought to think of, but the experience is truly one-of-a-kind and extremely delicious at that! Fried silkworms, mealworms, crickets, and grasshoppers are incredibly high in protein and are actually a great snack while walking through the market.

The Local Dry Goods

Apart from food, this night market holds a lot of local goods to pore over. Not only are they extremely affordable, but these are also incredibly nifty and unique. Many local products are ones that may not be seen outside of Thailand, while the more traditional mass-marketed souvenir t-shirts and magnets are abundant as well.

The Entertainment

Some may take pleasure in shopping, while others prefer spending time in experiences. Bang Niang Night Market has numerous bars and establishments to while away the time, which is perfect for a nightcap and some nighttime conversations with locals. Simply conversing and poring in the sights can be a good way to immerse into the local life—which one can truly appreciate in such a relaxed set-up.


The Bang Niang Night Market is the perfect place to spend an evening to relax and enjoy. Aside from the good food, affordable goods, and night-time entertainment, the locals present here are incredibly friendly and chatty, all-welcoming for the occasional tourist. Looking for a beach resort in Khao Lak? At the Sands Khao Lak by Katathani, we provide the best accommodations and most relaxing amenities for all your vacation needs. Nestled in a beautiful beach, we provide a genuine Khao Lak experience that you won’t ever forget. Get in touch with us and book your dream accommodation today!