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4 Photography Tips for Your Khao Lak Beach Vacation

Going to Khao Lak for a beach vacation is an experience filled with enormous fun, beautiful sights, and sumptuous food. As soon as you arrive at Phuket Airport, you’ll be greeted by sights unlike any other and food choices that you can only find in Thailand. All these wonderful experiences are only as good as you can remember them, and the best way to immortalize your vacation is by taking photos! Taking photos of various random things while on vacation may seem like a cheesy, explicitly tourist thing to do, but it’s actually a very fun hobby to practice. These pictures will also give you be long-lasting memorabilia! Know that the resulting photographs, however, will only be as good a memory as the quality of the shot. Although you may not be a professional photographer, knowing some of the basic principles will go a long way to improve your photography skills. In this article, we will share with you four simple photography tips to have the best time during your Khao Lak beach vacation:

1. Think of the lighting

It has been a long-known fact that most photographers prefer having lots of natural light during shoots and would do much to achieve a well-lit photo. Many would think that the beach, with all of its exposure to the sun, would provide the best lighting. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Photographers actually try to avoid the bright mid-day sun as much as possible. This is because the excessive beatdown of the sun’s brightness makes for a harshly overexposed photo. Contrary to what beach-goers want, a slightly overcast day on the beach is what makes for a fantastic photo.

2. Be patient

Keep in mind that the perfect shot doesn’t come easy nor quickly. Aside from having a good eye for taking photos, patience is a necessity for a good photographer. Most of the time in taking a good photo is spent waiting, especially when capturing moving things. If you wish to capture your loved ones on camera, have your camera on standby and wait to capture that perfect shot!

3. Notice the small details

Most people tend to only be wary of their own faces in photos, completely forgetting everything else involved. By paying attention to the minute details, the quality of your photos will improve dramatically. Whether it’s a random passer-by, a piece of garbage in the sand, or an idling sun-bather, a small distraction from the subjects of your photos can ruin the overall image.

4. Take lots of photo variations

To document your beach vacation properly, make sure to take many photo variations! The whole point in taking photographs during your trip is to have memories to keep with you long after the trip is over. Restricting it to beach photos will leave many blanks about your trip, so taking pictures even on the way to the beach or even before arriving can provide some depth into your story. Taking panoramic shots of the landscape or zooming into small things you see in the sand can really add some color to your holiday photo album.


Following these simple photography tips can add a layer of beauty to your photos. The most important aspect of photography, however, is to have fun! Remember that your beach vacation is about relaxing and having a good time; stressing out over your photo-quality can ruin your leisure. Are you looking to stay at a picturesque resort at Nang Thong Beach? At The Sands Khao Lak, we offer a relaxing and luxurious experience by one of the prettiest views in the area. Contact us today and book accommodation best-suited for you!